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Q: Is it correct that a certificate contains both the public key and private key of a user? Who should sign a certificate? why?

A: No, only the public key. The trusted Third Party (usually CA) should sign a certificate in order to let anyone needing this user’s public key can obtain the certificate and verify that it is valid by way of the attached trusted signature.


Q: What is 802.11i?

A: 802.11i is a standard for wireless local area networks (WLANs) that provides improved encryption for networks that use the popular 802.11a and 802.11b (which includes Wi-Fi standards).



Check links below for the detail.
+ RFC 4301 - Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol
+ IPsec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Q: In IPsec, explain security association (SA) and who may keep it?

A: An SA is a simplex "connection" that affords security services to the traffic carried by it. (RFC-4301 4.1)

Both client & server will keep it.

  • Security association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • A Security Association (SA) is the establishment of shared security attributes between two network entities to support secure communication.
  • An SA is a simplex (one-way channel) and logical connection which endorses and provides a secure data connection between the network devices.
  • An SA is a logical group of security parameters that enable the sharing of information to another entity.

Q: In IPsec, explain security association database (SAD) and who may keep it?

A: In each IPsec implementation, there is a nominal Security Association Database (SAD), in which each entry defines the parameters associated with one SA. Each SA has an entry in the SAD. (RFC-4301 4.4.2)

Both client & server will keep it.


Q: In IPsec, if ESP and AH support authentication? confidentiality?

A: AH support authentication; ESP support authentication and cofidentiality;


Q: IPsec Modes detail

A: Transport mode and Tunnel Mode


Q: IPsec Header

ESP Encryption and Authentication


ESP Transport mode & Tunnel mode




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