When "Fifty shades of grey" comes to programmer. LOL


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Boys and girls are excited to see Fifty Shades of Grey on the silver screen, we just want to code without being bothered, so here's a challenge to pick our brain.


  • Print on the screen fifty squares filled each with a different shade of grey
  • If your language of choice lacks image processing capabilities, you could output an image file
  • Squares must be visible, at least 20 x 20 pixels
  • You can not use random numbers unless you make sure each shade is unique.
  • You can not connect to any service over any network
  • You can not read any files in your program.
  • You can not use any libraries out of the standard libraries of your language of choice.

目前最多人按讚的是 Mathematica 寫的版本,只花 30 chars



  • CJam - 23 chars
  • Mathematica - 34 chars
GrayLevel[#/50]~Style~50 &~Array~50  
  • Sage - 29 chars
  • Java - 180 chars
import java.awt.*;void f(){new Frame(){public void paint(Graphics g){for(int i=1;i<51;g.setColor(new Color(328965*i)),g.fillRect(i%8*20,i++/8*20,20,20))setSize(600,600);}}.show();}  
  • R - 35 chars
  • ipython 2 - 54 chars
  • ipython 2 - 61 chars
  • BBC BASIC - 57 chars
  • C++ - 93 chars
#include <cstdio>  
int main(){for(int i=51;i--;)printf("\e[48;2;%i;%i;%im ",i,i,i);}  
  • C - 58 chars
main(i){for(i=51;i--;)printf("\e[48;2;%i;%i;%im ",i,i,i);}  
  • JavaScript - 72 chars
for(i=90;i>40;)document.write('<font color=#'+i+i+i--+' size=7>&#9632;')  
  • JavaScript - 70 chars
for(i=60;--i>9;)document.write('<font color='+i+i+i+' size=7>&#9632;')  

一大堆... 剩下懶得看了XDD
是說原來這種比誰寫的 code 短的比賽方式叫 Code Golf 呀



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