Recursively delete files with specific name by using find command


  • Delete all the files which have same name with ${filename}.
find . -name "${filename}" -type f -delete  
  • Delete all files with .bak file extension in the current dir
find . -name "*.bak" -type f -delete  


-name pattern  
    True if the last component of the pathname being examined matches pattern.  
    Special shell pattern matching characters (``['', ``]'', ``*'', and ``?'') may be used as part of pattern.  
    These characters may be matched explicitly by escaping them with a backslash (``\'').  

or you can use regular expression for file matching.

-regex pattern  
    True if the whole path of the file matches pattern using regular expression.  
    To match a file named ``./foo/xyzzy'', you can use the regular expression ``.*/[xyz]*'' or ``.*/foo/.*'',  
    but not ``xyzzy'' or ``/foo/''.  




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