Note for Compiler Design Course in NTHU - Week 3


Left-Recursion Grammar & Right-Recursion Grammar

  • 兩者可以互轉
  • Left-Recursion => Left Associate, Right-Recursion => Right Associate.

Left-Recursion Conversion

S -> Sα | β


S  -> βS'
S' -> αS' | ɛ

Parser for a Grammar

  • Top-down Parser / LL(1) Parser
  • Bottom-up Parser / LR(1) Parser

Chapter 3 - Regular Expression

Regular Expression

FSA - Finite State Automata

  • Regular Expression <=> Finite State Machine
  • 5-tuple (Q, Σ, δ, q。, F)
    • Q - a set of states
    • Σ - an input alphabet, symbol.
    • δ - a transition function
    • q。 - the initial state
    • F - a set of final states
  • DFA vs NFA
  • Finite => State 數量是有限的
  • 沒有 Memory, 無法記憶 alphabet 的數量

Thompson Construction



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