A note for 0CTF 2015

web / mislead

Padding Oralcle Attack in Cookie

web / golden mac 1

Download .DS_Store file from
It tells the flag is in
Then, upload a .docx files which contains XXE to read the flag.


web /forward

forward the MySQL connection to your MySQL Server and look at the network traffic.
u will see the flag leaked.

SELECT flag FROM forward.flag  

crypto / GREBeginner

crypto / RSA Quine

mobile / dataraidar

mobile / simpleapk

08:39 < KT_SaH> wytshadow: simpleapk: reversed the lib and saw some xoring, so I xored the flag.txt => win  
08:39 < riatre> wytshadow: simpleapk: reverse the elf  
08:39 < niklasb> yeah and maybe realize that they used adi  
08:39 < niklasb> *adbi  
08:40 < Zzzzzzzzzz> wytshadow: simpleapk: inject logger in smali, recompile, dump variable with flag ;]  
08:44 < niklasb> the XOR key had 0 bytes at the first 5 and the last position  
08:45 < KT_SaH> 0ctf{Too_Simple_Sometimes_Naive!!!} -> 0ctf{It's_More_Than_Meets_The_Eye!}  

mobile / VEZEL

08:39 < niklasb> wytshadow: tl;dr for vezel you could just compute the values from another app  
08:39 < KT_SaH> vezel: IDA + adb + print flag value :D  
08:39 < KT_SaH> + bluestacks  

Pwn Challenges




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