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Tutorial about skyfield

David Mikolas ([email protected])


Uncomplicated Concurrency in Python

Mosky Liu

It will introduce how to implement the CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) in Python with common libraries.

CSP(communicating sequential processes)是一個著名的並行系統(concurrent systems)數學理論 [1],並獲得 Go lang 採用作為其並行設計的基礎 [2]。其優點是相較於傳統的多執行緒設計來說較為簡單 [3],依此理論可以設計出更好維護的並行程式。

雖然 Python 並沒有特別將 CSP 設計成語言的一部份,但我們仍可以利用常見函數庫內的工具實現 CSP,寫出更好維護的並行程式。講者將介紹各種利用 Python 常見函數庫,包含 event-driven、multithreading、multiprocessing 層級,實現 CSP 的方法。

Ctrl-C => SIGINT
Ctrl-C in Python => KeyboardInterrupt

  • Channel-based Multithreading
  • With the channel
    • Channel 讓 Multi-Threading in Python 變得比較好寫
      • 讓程式裏面只會有 Queue, 不需要費心去處理 join, lock 的問題,只要小心一下 Ctrl-C
    • Producer-Consumer Pattern
    • SOA (Service-oriented Architecture)
  • CSP actually is
    • a formal language
      • describing patterns of interaction in concurrent systems
    • mathematical theories
    • process calculi

Lightning Talk

Vectorizing String Operation




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