Note for Cat System Workshop #11 (2016/10/11)



  • Regions of code
  • SkyPat
    • Define unittest, checking both correctness and performance for you.
    • #include <pat/pat.h>
    • A glace at SkyPat
#include <pat/pat.h>  

// In MathCase, fibonacci_test  
PAT_F(MathCase, fibonacci_test)  
    ASSERT_TRUE(fibonacci(3) == 3);  
    EXPECT_EQ(fibonacci(3), 3);  
    PERFORM {  

// 一個 case 裏面有很多個 tests  
  • Loop-Intensive
    • Benefic Compiler Optimization
    • 比較容易展開
    • 測試效能也比較沒那麼困難,主要就看這段 code 要被執行幾次。
    • Example:
      • GIMP
      • Skymizer
  • Call Intensive
    • Damage Compilter Optimization
    • Difficult to Evaluate
    • 比較難處理
    • 如果產生得出夠完整的 call graph,可能可以做些優化
    • Loop 展開不太有效果
    • 只能試試看能不能減少呼叫
    • 有很多不知道的小瓶頸
    • Example:
      • Browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
      • Editors (Evernote, ...)

  • SkyPat 就是專門用來處理 Call Intensive 這種惱人的效能分析的
  • perf cannot evaluate regions of code.
  • SkyPat integrates perf_event to evaluate regions of code.
  • "Software Task Clock" is still not cycle-accurate
  • Only cycle-accurate timer w/o OS interference.
  • Can evaluate call-intensive program

  • Install:
    • $ git clone


#include <pat/pat.h>  

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {  
    pat::Test::Initialize(&argc, argv);  

  • SkyPat v3.0 will be released at Oct 30th.
  • Add more Perf events
  • Welcome feedbac and patches

其他的 tool 只能測量 function level,
但 SkyPat 可以測量 block level。


也歡迎使用者、貢獻者開 Issues 跟 Pull Request,

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