Sum-up for my experience about using Kubernetes in production.

NOTE: This was written in July, 2018, maybe something has changed.

  • Code as Infrastructure? Code decides Infrastructure.
    • Writing bad code could crash your pod.
    • Code with good performance could save your money.
  • HPA default sync period is 30 secs
    • Too long for some bursts which cause high loading peak.
    • If you are using GKE, you cannot change this.
  • Bad liveness probe settings could destory high availability
    • If your condition is way too scrict, your pod will keep restarting.
  • minReadySecs and initialDelaySecs are important.
    • Without these two settings, your users might get 502 Bad Gateway Error while rolling update.
  • maxSurge and maxUnavailable
    • Rolling update speed and availability
  • targetCPUUtilizationPercentage
    • Is the CPU utilization percentage of the node that pods are running on.
  • terminationGracePeriodSeconds
  • Resources
    • CPU and Memory threshold is very important.
    • Pods will be killed if you set the threshold too low.
    • It's a waste if you set the threshold too high.
  • Tools
    • kubectx, kubens



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